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25 April 2024·1 min read

Lisa Palchynska

Editor-in-Chief, Vestbee

London-based Isomer Capital launches secondaries fund of over €116M

The UK investment firm Isomer Capital is raising its first secondaries fund of more than €116 million (£100 million), Sifted reports. It has already closed over 20% of the fund.

  • Co-founded by Chris Wade and Joe Schorge in 2015, Isomer Capital is a London-based LP investor with over 80 European VCs like Seedcamp, Hoxton Ventures, and Entrepreneur First, and 32 unicorns, in its portfolio. 
  • Recently, it has launched a dedicated secondaries fund, with some Nordic family offices and a German foundation among the LPs.
  • The new Isomer Capital fund will focus on buying stakes in VC funds, as well as in some private companies.  

"Around 65-75% of the new fund will be used to buy "LP interest" stakes in VC funds from existing LPs. A further 15-25% of the fund is earmarked for direct secondaries in companies, with the remaining 0-15% left to do "what we like" with it," Omolade Adebisi, Principal at Isomer Capital, shared the details to Sifted.

  • Isomer Capital aims to achieve returns of 2-3 times the initial investment from the fund, anticipating multiple distributions within the next four to seven years.

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