Western Balkans Summer Investment Program 2024

Join the WB Summer Investment Program (WBSIP) for a top expert-led boot camp, tailored advisory, one-on-one VC and corporate mentorship, and founders' experience sharing to refine your investment strategy. Apply now to be among the top 20 high-potential startups presenting at the MatchIn Summit in Skopje and matched with corporates and VCs eager to invest in the Western Balkans.

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We are looking for tech startups operating in one of the following verticals and sectors (not exclusively):

Business & ICT

AI & Analytics & Big Data

Fintech & Insurtech

Smart Cities & Home

Industry 4.0 & Proptech

Transport & Logistics

Planet & Sustainability

Healthcare & Wellbeing

Food & Agritech


Startups with a developed tech product (see sectors above).

The product is launched on the market or tested with clients.

The founding teams of the startups are based in the Western Balkans.

Targeting the CEE/Global Market and seeing the Balkans only as a Testing Ground.

The Startup is searching for equity investment more significant than 200,000 €.

Presenting Live at the MatchIN Summit and discussing funding with over 50 investors.


June 26th, 2024

Applications open

July 21th, 2024

Closing applications

July 29th, 2024

Top 50 selection

August 4th - 5th, 2024

Investment Readiness Bootcamp

August 7th - 14th, 2024

Evaluation by Investors

August 15th, 2024

Start of Individual Mentoring and Advisory Program

September 2024

1on1 Advisory and Masterclasses

October 2024

Introductions to Investors and Demoday

Participation Benefits

Investor Mentors

Engage with investors to understand their expectations before meeting them in person


Work with experienced experts and get valuable feedback on your work


Connect with leading corporate partners interested in validating your solution or starting a pilot


Meet Founders from all over the region who have raised and been a part of the regional founders network


Engage with Mentors and Advisors from NEST and EBRD who can help you use every bit of your company know-how to close an investment

Proffessional Deal Room

Well prepared deal room ready for due diligence


Free Credits and Special deals form Partners


Free tickets to MatchIN Summit: Skopje, October 2024


Selection Committee & Mentors

Meet Selection Committee and Investors who will be bringing their industry and market knowledge to support participants' business development!

  • Maria Carolina Romero

    Maria Carolina Romero

    Angel Investor, Efino

  • Igor Madzov, NEST

    Igor Madzov

    Investment Director, NEST

  • Ewa Chronowska, Vestbee & Next Road Ventures

    Ewa Chronowska

    CEO, Vestbee & Partner, Next Road Ventures

  • Vojta Rocek, Presto Ventures

    Vojta Rocek

    Partner, Presto Ventures

  • Alexandru Bogdan, ROCA X

    Alexandru Bogdan


  • Valerii Petrov

    Valerii Petrov

    Partner, 11.vc

  • Szymon Bolczyk

    Szymon Bolczyk

    Head of Platform, N1

  • Matej Micek

    Matej Micek

    Associate, Credo Ventures

  • Dilan Sisu

    Dilan Sisu

    Investment Analyst, 500 Emergin Europe

  • Csaba Kakosy, Day One Capital

    Csaba Kakosy

    Managing Partner, Day One Capital

  • Jordan Boskov

    Jordan Boskov

    Partner, Fidler Capital

  • Bence Banhalmi

    Bence Banhalmi

    VC Investor, Portfolion

  • Onur Can

    Onur Can

    First-Cheque Investor, Heartfelt

  • Tatjana Zabasu Mikuž, South Central Ventures

    Tatjana Zabasu Mikuž

    Managing Partner, South Central Ventures

  • Eli Zhabevska

    Eli Zhabevska

    Principal, South Central Ventures

  • Enis Hulli, 500 Emerging Europe

    Enis Hulli

    General Partner, 500 Emerging Europe

  • Martin Kesner

    Martin Kesner

    Early Stage Investor, J&T Ventures

  • Tamara Čolić Milosavljević

    Tamara Čolić Milosavljević

    Co-Director, Founder Institute

  • Martin Jankoski, Constantia New Business

    Martin Jankoski

    Junior Investment Manager, Constantia New Business

  • Nedeljko Milosavljevic

    Nedeljko Milosavljevic

    Co-Director, Labena Ventures

  • Cristobal Alonso, Startup Wise Guys

    Cristobal Alonso

    Global CEO & El Patron, Startup Wise Guys

  • Davor Sakac

    Davor Sakac

    Director, TS Ventures

  • Vuk Lau

    Vuk Lau

    Partner, Silicon Gardens

  • Julien Coustaury

    Julien Coustaury

    Managing Partner, Filrouge Capital

  • Stephane Gantchev, LAUNCHub Ventures

    Stephane Gantchev

    Partner, LAUNCHub Ventures

  • Max Gurvits, Bulgarian Private Equity & Venture Capital Association

    Max Gurvits

    Board Member, Bulgarian Private Equity & Venture Capital Association

  • Edi Demaj, KODE Labs

    Edi Demaj

    Co-Founder, KODE Labs

  • Eli Velasquez, Investors of Color Network

    Eli Velasquez

    Managing Partner, Investors of Color Network

  • Mirela Yordanova, Seedcamp

    Mirela Yordanova

    Network & Community Manager, Seedcamp

  • Ardian Hoxha

    Ardian Hoxha

    President, Keiretsu Forum SEE

  • Suzana Tunteva

    Suzana Tunteva

    Owner, FD Faktor Trust

  • Mateja Lavrič, QLECTOR

    Mateja Lavrič

    Managing Director, QLECTOR

  • Marco Stutz, Redstone

    Marco Stutz

    Partner, Redstone

  • Milen Ivanov

    Milen Ivanov

    Managing Partner, Sofia Angel Ventures

  • Angel Hadijev

    Angel Hadijev

    Regional Manager, SeedBlink SEE

  • Jan Kustra

    Jan Kustra

    Strategy and Corporate Development, NLB Bank

  • Uranik Begu

    Uranik Begu

    Director, Plug&Play SEE


  • TEAM: Commitment and ability of a team to execute the vision
  • BUSINESS MODEL: Is there a compelling business model and stable revenue stream?
  • PRODUCT: Does the company have an innovative technology/product/service?
  • MARKET: Is there an apparent demand for the product and market size?
  • UVP: How unique is the startup's overall offering?
  • TRACTION: What are the current stages of the product, pipeline, and partnership?
  • MATCH: Is the company a potential fit for engaged investors?

Program Partners

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  • Uplift logo
  • Makerspace Prizren logo
  • Founder Institute Serbia logo
  • Innovation Centre Kosovo logo
  • DigitalDen Montenegro logo
  • Together 4 circular logo
  • Finqup logo
  • Microtica logo
  • Viva La Venture logo
  • Zephyr Angels logo

Investors & Partners

  • 500 Emerging Europe
  • CNB Capital
  • CREDO Ventures
  • Day 1
  • Efino
  • 11.vc
  • Fiedler logo
  • FRC logo
  • Heartfelt logo
  • J&T logo
  • Keiretsu logo
  • Labena logo
  • Launchub logo
  • N1 logo
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  • NLB logo
  • PugAndPlay logo
  • Portfolion logo
  • Presto logo
  • Qlector logo
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  • Seedblink logo
  • Seedcamp logo
  • SG logo
  • SWG logo
  • TSVF logo
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Supporting Team & Contributors

  • Igor Madzov

    Igor Madzov

    Investment Director, NEST

  • Dejan Aleksov

    Dejan Aleksov

    Aleksov Memishi Law Office

  • Ivana Stankovic,

    Ivana Stankovic

    Investment Facilitator, SwissEP

  • Hristijan Volkanovski

    Hristijan Volkanovski

    Program Coordination, Startup Macedonia

  • Jakov Jovanoski

    Jakov Jovanoski

    Project Manager, Startup Macedonia

  • Anait Petrosyan

    Anait Petrosyan

    CEO, Viva la Ventures

  • Aleksandar Ubavkov

    Aleksandar Ubavkov

    Head of Growth, Demanster

  • Bojan Stojkovski

    Bojan Stojkovski

    Editor-in-Chief, Itlogs

  • Maria Carolina

    Maria Carolina

    Early Stage Investing Expert


NEST Group is a venture studio and advisory company in the startup and investment scene in the Western Balkans and CEE.
NEST experts actively contribute to multiple incubation and acceleration programs in the WB and implement the annual Investment Readiness Program.
Since 2022, we have directly facilitated the investment of over 7M in SEE Startups from angels and VCs and continuously built tech-enabled startups with founders from the Western Balkans.

Join Western Balkans Investment Readiness Startup Program and take your company to the next level