STRΛTMINDS is a San Francisco-based VC firm focused on Artificial Intelligence. We are your partner in trailblazing progress. As a forward-thinking venture capital firm based in the innovation hub of San Francisco, we are on a mission to empower the visionaries of tomorrow. Our commitment is unwavering: to provide exceptional entrepreneurs with the early-stage investment and strategic guidance they need to realize their boldest ambitions and redefine the world we live in. At STRΛTMINDS, we are driven by a thesis-led philosophy that hones in on transformative domains that are reshaping the global landscape for the better. Our funds' theses are strategically focused on the vanguard of technology and track the following: _ Next-gen Computing / AI: Unleashing the power of intelligent systems _ Next-gen Web: Crafting the digital frontier of tomorrow _ UX Innovation: Elevating the human experience and human-machine synergy _ New Commerce: Transforming tech-enabled commerce & transaction models Our collaborative ethos lies at the heart of our approach. We forge meaningful partnerships with ambitious founders and LPs alike. As your ally in success, STRΛTMINDS offers more than capital or investment management. We provide a comprehensive strategic advice and unwavering support to accelerate your journey from Vision to Reality. Join us at STRΛTMINDS and be part of the movement that is unlocking the future. Together, let's shape the world for generations to come.

Investment size
€100K to €1M
Late seed
Early Growth
Investment geography
Canada, Japan, UK, USA, Singapore
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