Climate change, food and water scarcity, wealth and income inequality are global problems that threaten our shared interests as a species. These threats have intensified in a shockingly short period of time, fueled by greed and short-term thinking. The result is a world in which the climate crisis has already forced people to lose their livelihoods, their homes and their lives. Technological solutions to decarbonize our economy and build resilient communities exist. We believe there is tremendous economic and social value in developing the companies that will deploy these and scale these technologies with innovative and sustainable business models. We build, invest in, and help accelerate early stage companies that are deploying technology in: Decarbonization: Reducing the amount of greenhouse gases emissions associated with economic activity. Adaptation: Adjusting life on Earth to a warmer, more extreme climate. Climate Risk: Transform the way firms align with stakeholders and price climate risk.

Investment size
€0 to €5M+
Late seed
Investment geography
Canada, UK, USA
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