Edge are specialist investors in exceptional creative teams and emerging technologies. Our long-established network of highly experienced executives and senior specialists is formalised through our Leadership Council of world-class sector experts. We leverage the collective networks of our Board, our Advisers, and our Investment Team, our relationships span far beyond what you see here – all of whom we know directly as potential co-investors and corporations that are willing to work with us or the teams that we back. Creativity at its core is about imagination and novelty. We look for random drivers of creativity in the social and cultural spheres. Companies increasing access to creativity and companies supplying these creative companies, like software, are the type of companies we back. Consumers around the world are spending more and more on the creative sectors, even during recessions as consumers shift from ownership to experiences. Technology continues to widen those who can participate in creativity. With our market expertise, we will find those emerging technologies and accelerate them to become the industry champions of the future.

Investment size
€0 to €5M+
Late seed
Early Growth
Deep Tech
Future of Work
Investment Geography
Denmark, UK, USA
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