DLF Venture is a family-owned consumer-focused investment company, founded in 2016 in Luxembourg, with footprints in Brussels and London. We always like to back a team with great ambition and the right interpersonal skills. We focus on 5 skills: doer, empathic, problem solver, curious and generous. We invest time and money in building brands around simple life-changing ideas, mainly in 4 key sectors: Food & Beverage, Health & Care, Edtech and Innovative Retail. We love passionate personalities who like undoing the existing in order to reinvent it more efficiently, without cutting corner on doing the right thing. Honesty and integrity are the starting points: the ventures we back must have a positive impact for their consumers and rely primarily on quality, ethics and transparency to convince new consumers.

Investment size
€500K to €3M
Early Growth
Digital Health
Investment Geography
Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, UK, France
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