Dispersion Capital

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Dispersion Capital is an early-stage venture firm for decentralized infrastructure. Our mission is to pioneer a multi-chain, multi-currency, and multi-platform world. We invest in foundational technologies for decentralized businesses, focusing on the tools for developers to deploy this reality. We focus exclusively on certain layers of web3, including fintech infrastructure, security, data, and platforms challenging legacy industries. The most prominent players in web2 and web3 are behind us, including Samsung, Circle, Ripple, Wemade, Forte, Alchemy, and more. Dispersion Capital was founded by Patrick Chang, a seasoned VC from Bain Capital Ventures and Foundation Capital. Before founding Dispersion Capital, he launched the blockchain portfolio at Samsung Next Ventures, specializing in blockchain and crypto infrastructure. He’s backed web3’s most pioneering innovators and protocols, including Dapper Labs, Flow, Alchemy, Forte, Theta, and more. Learn more at dispersion.xyz.

Investment size
€0 to €5M+
Late seed
Investment Geography
Armenia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, South Korea, USA, Singapore, UAE, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam
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