We’re an early-stage venture fund with a single obsession: to catalyze value for founders by helping them develop the key-management tools that fuel long-term profitable growth. Our thesis: We look for companies improving the access to better and more sustainable consumption through infrastructure layers, protocols, and consumer experiences. We go beyond financial investment to connect you with our network and equip you with the best practices in business management to ensure you’re fully supported from your early first milestones to continued growth. Our investments have access to our global network of European, American, and Chinese founders. As your idea develops into a market-leading business, we’ll assist in fostering partnerships with key innovators, partners, and talented entrepreneurs. With our team of experienced corporate executives and successful entrepreneurs, we’ll guide you in developing the critical business management processes needed to drive your company’s growth and innovation.

Investment size
€250K to €1M
Late seed
Early Growth
Supply Chain
Investment Geography
USA, France
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