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Finnish Industry Investment (Tesi)

Tesi is a state-owned investment company that invests in venture capital and private equity funds and directly in Finnish startups and growth companies.

Public Institution
Investment geography
Innovestor Life Science Fund Ky Butterfly Venture Fund IV Ky Inventure Fund IV Ky Vendep Capital Fund III Ky Fund II Ky EduImpact Fund Ky Icebreaker Fund II Ky Open Ocean Fund 2020 Ky Superhero Venture Fund 2020 Ky IPR.VC Fund II Ky Lifeline Ventures Fund IV Ky Open Ocean Opportunity Fund I Ky Fund I Ky Vendep Capital Fund II Ky Inventure Fund III Ky Lifeline Ventures Fund III Ky Open Ocean Fund 2015 Ky Inventure Fund II Ky Lifeline Ventures Fund I Ky VisionPlus Fund I Ky Open Ocean Fund Three Ky Power Fund III Ky Conor Technology Fund II Ky Nexit Infocom II L.P.