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Bristish Patient Capital

British Patient Capital is a separate subsidiary of the British Business Bank. It invests in a diversified portfolio of best-in-class venture and growth capital funds, and start ups.

VC, Fund of funds
Investment geography
Europe, Israel
2,8B EUR
Connect Venutres, Kindred Capital, SV Biotech Crossover Opportunities Fund, Finch Capital, Crane Venutre Partners, Cambridge Innovation Capital Fund, Hoxton Venutres, Balderton, Partech, Seedcamp, Kindred Capital, Nauta Capital, Nauta Capital Sidecar, Notion Capital, OXX, Passion Capital, Scottish Equity Partners, UCL Technology Fund, 7percent Ventures, Amadeus Capital Partners, Connect Ventures, ETF Partners, Eurazeo Growth, Green Generation Fund, IQ Capital,