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CEE Scaleup Challenge is an online competition for companies from Central & Eastern Europe raising Pre-Series A, Series A and beyond in following verticals:

Business & ICT

AI & Analytics & Big Data

Fintech & Insurtech

Smart Cities & Home

Industry 4.0 & Proptech

Transport & Logistics

Planet & Sustainability

Healthcare & Wellbeing


23 November, 2020

Application closes

30 November - 9 December, 2020

Jury work

8 December, 2020

10 Finalists announced

10 December, 2020

Winners announced


Fast Track To Investment

Fast Track to up to 1M EUR investment for TOP 3 scaleups

Fast Track To InnoEnergy

Nomination to InnoEnergy Investment program dedicated for energy, cleantech and mobility scaleups

$25,000 For TOP 10

AWS Credits: $25,000 for TOP 10 & $10,000 for all participants!

€30.000 Credits

Stripe Credits: €30.000 for TOP 10 scaleups & €15.000 for all participants!

Up To 90% Off For TOP 3

HubSpot For Startups for TOP 3 and 30% discount for all shortlisted teams!

Dedicated Support From Startup Success Team!

1-on-1 onboarding with Startup Success team for TOP 10 and 6 months FREE for all participants!

Free IT Consultations

120 hours for the Winner, 40 hours for TOP 10 and 10 hours for all applicants!

$2,000 Credits

2,000 infrastructure credits for all applicants!

3 Months Free

3 Months Business Account For all applicants!

Annual Premium Access

Annual Premium Access for the Winning Team, 6 months free for 2nd and 3rd place & 1 free month for all applicants!

Annual Free Premium Access

Annual Business Plan for the Winner, 6 free months for TOP 10 and 3 months for all applicants!

€500 Free Credits For Finalists

Startup credits for team-building support and 1h of free HR consultations for all applicants!

Media Coverage

For The Winner & 35% discount for all applicants!

Media Coverage

For The TOP 3

Free Startup Passess

For selected Finalists and 20 % discount for all participants

Free Tickets For TOP 3

And 25 % discount for all participants

10 BUILDER Tickets

For TOP 10 Teams



Meet the Judges who will be bringing their industry knowledge to assess the Winners

  • Ewa Chronowska, Next Road Ventures

    Ewa Chronowska

    Partner, Next Road Ventures

  • Jan Habermann, Credo Ventures

    Jan Habermann

    Partner, Credo Ventures

  • Markus Lang, Speedinvest

    Markus Lang

    Partner, Speedinvest

  • Cem Sertoglu, Earlybird Venture Capital

    Cem Sertoglu

    Partner, Earlybird Venture Capital

  • Marcin Kurek, Market One Capital

    Marcin Kurek

    Managing Partner, Market One Capital

  • Marcin Laczynski, Next Road Ventures

    Marcin Laczynski

    Partner, Next Road Ventures

  • Gerald Parloiu, Global Founders Capital

    Gerald Parloiu

    Partner, Global Founders Capital

  • Michał Bajda, EIT InnoEnergy Central Europe

    Michał Bajda

    Business Creation Manager, EIT InnoEnergy Central Europe

  • Szymon Kwiatkowski, EIT InnoEnergy Central Europe

    Szymon Kwiatkowski

    Business Creation Manager, EIT InnoEnergy Central Europe

  • Bartosz Lipnicki, Alfabeat

    Bartosz Lipnicki

    Managing Partner, Alfabeat

  • Zygimantas Susnys, Iron Wolf Capital

    Zygimantas Susnys

    Managing Partner, Iron Wolf Capital

  • Numan Numan, 212

    Numan Numan

    Managing Partner, 212

  • Joe Bond, PROfounders Capital

    Joe Bond

    Principal, PROfounders Capital

  • Michał Rokosz, Inovo Venture Partners

    Michał Rokosz

    Partner, Inovo Venture Partners

  • Piotr Czak, PGE Ventures

    Piotr Czak

    CEO, PGE Ventures

  • Leopold Lerach, Project A Ventures

    Leopold Lerach

    Investment Manager, Project-A Ventures

  • Henry Jefferies, Accel

    Henry Jefferies

    Senior Associate, Accel

  • Sławomir Borkowski, EVC Fidiasz

    Sławomir Borkowski

    Investment Director, EVC Fidiasz

  • Michael Claes, Sabic Ventures

    Michael Claes

    Senior Technology Manager, SABIC Ventures

  • Jean-Michel Reynaud, Engie

    Jean-Michel Reynaud

    Head Of Startups Relations, Engie

  • Leszek Orlowski, bValue

    Leszek Orlowski

    Investment Director, bValue

  • Rokas Tamosiunas, Open Circle Capital

    Rokas Tamosiunas

    Partner, Open Circle Capital

  • Vlad Sarca, Sparking Capital

    Vlad Sarca

    Partner, Sparking Capital

  • Dilek Dayinlarli, SacleX Ventures

    Dilek Dayinlarli

    Managing Partner, ScaleX Ventures

  • Ivan Aleksandrov, Enviros Ventures

    Ivan Aleksandrov

    Partner, Enviros Ventures

  • Dmitry Smirnov, Flashpoint

    Dmitry Smirnov

    Investment Director, Flashpoint

  • Wojciech Majewski, Simpact Fund

    Wojciech Majewski

    Managing Director, Simpact Fund

  • Laszlo Hradszki, Hiventures

    Laszlo Hradszki

    CEO Advisor, Hiventures

  • Tomas Vyšný, 365.fintech

    Tomas Vyšný

    Investment Advisor, 365.fintech

  • Erik Anderson, Tera Ventures

    Erik Anderson

    Venture Partner, Tera Ventures

  • Adam de sola Pool, MIT Angels

    Adam de sola Pool

    Business Angel, MIT Angels

  • Abdul Khaleq Al-Qasaily, Venture Builder

    Abdul Khaleq Al-Qasaily

    Business Angel, Venture Builder

  • Pedja Predin, South Central Ventures

    Pedja Predin

    Investment Manager, South Central Ventures

  • Julien Coustaury, Fil Rouge Capital

    Julien Coustaury

    Partner, Fil Rouge Capital

  • Jennifer Austin, Risky Business Ventures

    Jennifer Austin

    Partner, Risky Business Ventures

  • Todor Breshkov, LAUNCHub Ventures

    Todor Breshkov

    Partner, LAUNCHub Ventures

  • Gytenis Galkis, 70ventures

    Gytenis Galkis

    Partner, 70Ventures

  • Milan Pokecz, Day One Capital

    Milan Pokecz

    Investment Manager, Day One Capital

  • Magdalena Balcerzak, CEE Business Angels Network

    Magdalena Balcerzak

    Manager, CEE Business Angels Network

  • Malin Stefanescu, TechAngels

    Malin Stefanescu

    President, TechAngels

  • Branko Drobnak, Business Angels Of Slovenia

    Branko Drobnak

    President, Business Angels Of Slovenia

  • Daniel Senkyr, Keiretsu Forum CEE

    Daniel Senkyr

    CEO, Keiretsu Forum CEE

  • Wojciech Przybylski, Krakow Technology Park

    Wojciech Przybylski

    President, Krakow Technology Park

  • Agnieszka Poznanska, Shape VC

    Agnieszka Poznanska

    Head Of Origination, Shape VC

  • Alexandros Nousias, Envolve Entrepreneurship

    Alexandros Nousias

    Country Director, Envolve Entrepreneurship

  • Carlos Rubal, EIT Digital

    Carlos Rubal

    Business Development Expert, EIT Digital

  • Mathias Asberg, Nextgrid

    Mathias Asberg

    CEO & Co-Founder, Nextgrid

  • Piotr Danielewicz, YouNick

    Piotr Danielewicz

    Investment Manager, YouNick

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