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Join The Online AWS B2B SaaS Accelerator And Get Up To $100.000 AWS Activate Credits, Access To Leading VC Funds & Experts, Business Support & More!

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Jury & Mentors

  • Triin Linamagi

    Founding Partner, Sie Ventures

  • Mike Brennan

    Partner, Finch Capital

  • Ewa Chronowska

    CEO, Vestbee & Partner, Next Road Ventures

  • Kevin Chong

    Partner, Outward

  • Theo Xydas

    Partner, Mouro Capital

  • Bakhrom Ibragimov

    Partner, Molten Ventures

  • Philip Edmondson-Jones

    Partner, Oxx

  • Dan Bowyer

    Partner, SuperSeed

  • Daniela Raffel

    Vice President, Dawn Capital

  • Jed Rose

    Partner, Antler

  • Tamina Fogelberg

    VC Investor, Eight Roads

  • Leon Rees

    Principal Tech BD, Startups and VC, AWS

  • Pietro Bezza

    Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Connect Ventures

  • David Fogel

    Co-Founder, Alma Angels

  • Fred Ellis

    Investment Manager, Octopus Ventures

  • Alex Wilson

    Principal, White Star Capital

  • Marija Butkovic

    Startup Mentor, Venture Partner, Simsan Ventures

  • Marta Naidenova

    VC Investor, Atomico

  • Felix Martinez

    VC Investor, Seedcamp

  • Nadine Torbey

    Investor, AlbionVC

  • Özge Öz

    Partner, QNBEYOND Ventures

  • Marcin Łączyński

    Partner, Next Road Ventures

  • Zoe Hominick

    Marketing Director, AWS

  • Benjamin Rotner

    Growth Partnerships - Business Development Manager, Slack

  • Cathy White

    Founder & CEO, CEW Communications

  • Lavinia Osbourne

    CEO, Women in Blockchain Talks

  • Theo Ohene

    Founder, Growth Roadmaps

  • James Marchant

    Chairman, Block Dojo

  • Tony Nysten

    Principal, OpenOcean

  • Julian von Eckartsberg

    Managing Director Europe, Burda Principal Investments

  • Sophie Winwood

    Principal, Anthemis

  • Margaret Anne Coyle

    Co-Founder & CEO, Hotbed

  • Perdie Alder

    Co-Founder & CCO, Hotbed

  • Sian Mclaughlin

    Investment Manager, Clarendon Fund Managers

  • Anthony Rose

    Founder & CEO, SeedLegals

  • Xavier Ballester

    Director, Angel Investment Network

  • Jodie Miller

    VC Investor, Beringea

  • Marton Medveczky

    Investment Director, Flashpoint VC

  • Theo Wethered

    Investment Manager, Nauta Capital

  • Saurabh Kumar

    VC Investor, Furthr VC

  • Mayowa Ogunremi

    Investment Principal, Form Ventures

Participation Benefits

Up To $100.000 AWS Activate* Credits

Access to up to $10k for all participants, $25k for accepted teams & $100k for the Winners!*

*AWS Activate Program rules must apply
Prize image
Partner Offers & Special Discounts

Access to credits, valuable discounts & offers from AWS Partners for accepted teams

Prize image
Cloud Support

1:1 meetings with AWS specialists and access to product, regulatory & compliance, security specialists

Prize image
Fundraising Support

Fundraising tools & support along with access to wide network of global leading VC funds

Prize image
Marketing & PR

Media exposure

Prize image
Pitching Session

Pitching to investors and experts

Prize image
Ecosystem Engagement

Access to wide network of community, VC funds, compliance, technology & innovation experts and more!

Prize image
Up To 90% Off

Up to 90% off on HubSpot for eligible startup teams

Prize image
€15.000 Credits

Stripe Credits: €15.000 for all applicants!

Prize image
$3000 Credits

For annual Business Plan for up to 25 users with access to unlimited video recordings & more features for all teams!

Prize image
$50.000 Credits

$50.000 on the Mixpanel Growth Plan for all applicants!

Prize image
6 months for free

6 months of free Notion towards a Plus Plan, including unlimited AI for all applicants!

Prize image
6 Months For Free

Get 6 months of Zendesk Suite for Customer Service and Sales CRM for free and 15% off first annual subscription!

Prize image
25% discount

25% off Slack Business+ for all applicants!

Prize image


28th April, 2023

Applications Closes

9-19th May, 2023

Jury Work & Interviews

23th May, 2023

Cohort Announcement

5-30th June, 2023

Acceleration Program

6th July, 2023

Demo Day


AWS B2B SaaS Accelerator is an online and equity-free 4-week program bringing the best of Amazon's infrastructure and partners network to support B2B SaaS startups at seed and series A stage developing their projects in the UKIR and beyond from the following categories:

Cyber Security

AI & Big Data

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Sustainability & ClimateTech


Developer Tools

Financial Services & Insurance

Media & MarTech



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Join AWS B2B SaaS Accelerator & Take Your Startup To The Next Level!

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