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Stage 1 Finalists

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Up To $100,000 AWS credits

Up to $10,000 for all registered startups, $25,000 for submitted applicants & $100,000 for finalists!

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AWS References Program

Introduction to AWS Customer References Program supporting marketing and promotion for all Stage 1 finalists!

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AWS Connect Program

Invitation to AWS Connect Program referring Startups to AWS Enterprise Customers for all Stage 2 Finalists

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VC Community

Access to AWS Challenge Venture Capital community for all Stage 1 Finalists!

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Infrastructure Consultation

1h of FREE AWS credits & migration consultation

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Sep 23, 2020

Kick-Off Webinar

Oct 25, 2020

Applications close

Nov 2, 2020

Stage 1 Finalists

Oct 1-Dec 31, 2020

Projects running

Jan 5, 2021

Stage 2 Finalists


Applicants should develop Artificial Intelligence use case, solve a real problem and implement a real business solution. All projects will be evaluated by the business and technology specialists according to


Business support



Positive impact

Stage 1 Criteria

  • Projects with Artificial Intelligence use case, solving a real business problem
  • Projects using at least 1 of AWS services: SageMaker, Forecast, Personalize, Textract, Rekognition, ComprehendMedical, Translate, Lex, Polly, Transcribe, Comprehend, ElasticInference, Kendra and CodeGuru
  • Companies having 1) an MVP working on AWS infrastructure, 2) ready product on AWS or 3) projects fully migrated on AWS before October 25th (for special migration program, e.g. with FREE credits & custom support CONTACT US )

Stage 2 Criteria

  • Only Stage 1 Finalists can take part in Stage 2
  • Project has to prove that is really live and well-functionning
  • The billing generated by approved AWS AI Services in the project will generate at least $100 monthly usage for each of 3 months-– October, November and December
  • All projects billing will be covered by AWS Activate credits. In case of e.g. credits exhaustion, please CONTACT US

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