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Partnership With Top Corporations

Access to services provided by program partners in specific tracks

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Technology experts support & mentoring offered by partners

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Demo Day

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March 9, 2023

Application Open

April 14, 2023

Application Close

April 15 - 24, 2023


April 25 - May 31, 2023

Engagement with partners

May 29, 2023

Demo Day

Panel of experts

Meet the Judges who will be bringing their industry knowledge to assess the Winners

  • Ewa Chronowska

    CEO, Vestbee & Partner, Next Road Ventures

  • Marcin Łączyński

    Partner, Next Road Ventures

  • Marcin Lewenstein

    Innovation Officer, EIT InnoEnergy Central Europe

  • Michał Bajda

    Investment Manager, EIT InnoEnergy Central Europe

  • Szymon Kwiatkowski

    Investment Manager, EIT InnoEnergy Central Europe

  • Łukasz Skarka

    Investment Director, EIT InnoEnergy Central Europe

  • Paweł Maj

    Investment Director, Warsaw Equity Group

  • Natalia Świrska-Załuska

    Startup Program Manager in CEE, OVHcloud

  • Paweł Poneta

    Executive Director for Research & Innovation, TAURON Polska Energia S.A.

  • Antti Ritala

    Head of Venturing & Acquisition, Neste

  • Chayan Sabharwal

    Senior Investment Analyst, Venturing & Acquisition, Neste

  • Sara Kamins

    Investment and Value Creation, Doral Energy-Tech Ventures

  • Yeliz Erinckan

    Innovation and Entrepreneurship Director, Sabanci

  • Sharon Shacham, PhD, MBA

    Managing Partner and CEO, E44 Ventures

  • Arvin Khanchandani

    Investment Manager, Warsaw Equity Group

Program Tracks

We are looking for startups developing solutions in selected verticals:

Digital solutions for sustainability:

This vertical allows cross-cutting digital solutions serving a number of verticals explored in Hello Clean Tech to apply without restricting their application only to one segment
Improving resource efficiency: by leveraging technology
Reducing carbon footprint by optimizing energy usage, reducing emissions, count carbon footprint for others, and promoting sustainable practices
Promoting sustainable behaviour through the use of digital platforms and other technology
Driving systemic change: by creating new business models

Bioenergy, renewable fuels and biochemical feedstocks for heat, energy intensive sectors and and hard-to-abate transport:

Scalable solutions for sustainable aviation fuels from bio-feedstocks and waste
Bio-feedstocks for large scale chemical production and specialty chemicals
Biomass to energy, fuels and feedstocks - feedstocks, conversion technologies, valorisation solutions
Municipal solid waste, RDF and other waste streams to energy, fuels and feedstocks - conversion technologies, valorisation solutions
Solutions facilitating biogas and biomethane uptake in energy intensive industries and transport sector

Solutions for green hydrogen and power-to-X concepts:

Valorisation of off-grid renewables - allowing local power valorisation without access to grid
Renewable non-electrolysis green hydrogen production (eg. from biomass or waste)
Green hydrogen production via electrolysis
Hydrogen storage and logistics solutions
Industrial applications of hydrogen for industry decarbonization and natural gas substitution
Power-to-heat solutions and seasonal heat storage opportunities
Power-to-X technologies
Synthesis and upgrading solutions for e-fuels and e-chemicals
CCU solutions to work with P-t-X projects (with exception of Direct Air Capture concepts)

Decarbonisation of the food value chain:

Agrivoltaics and other innovative green energy solutions for the food industry
Decarbonisation of fertilizers and agro-chemicals production, green fertilizers, distributed fertilizers production
Green and efficient storage and logistics for agriculture and the food value chain
Valorisation of agriculture and food processing waste streams (eg. biomass, sludges, manure, etc.)
Circular economy concepts for advanced bio-material solutions in the food value chain - eg. in green smart packaging
Carbon management and CCU concepts in food value chain
Digital and energy efficiency solutions for green transformation of agriculture and the food value chain

Recycling for circular economy:

Photovoltaic panels recovery and raw materials recycling
Innovations in glass recycling, including solar glass, automotive glass and other high value glass recycling streams
Battery recycling - circular design, collection, dismantling, neutralising of hazardous substances, refining, smelting and reuse solutions
Green metals for electrification and energy storage
Innovations for recycling of plastic waste to materials

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