AWS Global Fintech Accelerator

Join the AWS Global Fintech Accelerator to take part in an equity-free online program designed to empower AI-driven Fintech startups for global success with product, business and investment support.

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Meet first experts

  • Sam Edge, Amazon Web Services

    Sam Edge

    Global Head of Fintech for Startups, Amazon Web Services

  • George Robson, Sequoia Capital

    George Robson

    Partner, Sequoia Capital

  • Ewa Chronowska, Vestbee & Next Road Ventures

    Ewa Chronowska

    CEO, Vestbee & Partner, Next Road Ventures

  • Sarah Hinkfuss, Bain Capital Ventures

    Sarah Hinkfuss

    Partner, Bain Capital Ventures

  • Maggie Hsu, a16z Crypto

    Maggie Hsu

    Partner and Head of GTM, a16z Crypto

  • JT McGrath, Point72 Asset Management

    JT McGrath

    Digital Assets Specialist, Point72 Asset Management

  • Henry Cashin, Fin Capital

    Henry Cashin

    Investment Partner, Fin Capital

  • Mark Fiorentino, Index Ventures

    Mark Fiorentino

    Partner, Index Ventures

  • Sam Eisler, Lightspeed Venture Partners

    Sam Eisler

    Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners

  • Justin Overdorff, Lightspeed Venture Partners

    Justin Overdorff

    Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners

  • Seth Rosenberg, Greylock Partners

    Seth Rosenberg

    Partner, Greylock Partners

  • Alison Lange Engel, Greycroft

    Alison Lange Engel

    Partner, Greycroft

  • Ali Jamal, First Check Ventures

    Ali Jamal

    Founding Partner, First Check Ventures

  • Barbara Iyayi, Unicorn Growth Capital

    Barbara Iyayi

    CEO & Founding Partner, Unicorn Growth Capital

  • Sheel Mohnot, Better Tomorrow Ventures

    Sheel Mohnot

    General Partner, Better Tomorrow Ventures

  • Michael Conniff, Murray Lane Ventures

    Michael Conniff

    Chairman and CEO, Murray Lane Ventures

  • David Yin, GSR Ventures

    David Yin

    Partner, GSR Ventures

  • Mike Brennan, Finch Capital

    Mike Brennan

    Partner, Finch Capital

  • Jed Rose, Antler

    Jed Rose

    Partner, Antler

  • Kevin Chong, Outward

    Kevin Chong

    Co-Head, Outward

  • Ozan Sonmez, Molten Ventures

    Ozan Sonmez

    Partner, Molten Ventures

  • Ivan Yoon, Wayra Brasil

    Ivan Yoon

    Head of CVC, Wayra Brasil

  • Kevin Weber, Amex Ventures

    Kevin Weber

    Managing Director, Amex Ventures

  • Pahal Patangia, NVIDIA

    Pahal Patangia

    Head of Developer Relations Fintech, NVIDIA

  • Benjamin Dessy, Mastercard

    Benjamin Dessy

    Head of Global Fintech Enablement, Mastercard

  • Phil Bronner, Ardent Venture Partners

    Phil Bronner

    General Partner, Ardent Venture Partners

  • Amanda Abrams, Cohen Circle

    Amanda Abrams

    Chief Executive Officer, Cohen Circle

  • Leon Papu, Marathon Ventures

    Leon Papu

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Marathon Ventures

  • Carlos Castellanos, Samsung Next

    Carlos Castellanos

    Investor, Samsung Next

  • Michael Cohen, Ramp

    Michael Cohen

    VP of Partnerships, Ramp

  • Marvin Liao, Diaspora Ventures

    Marvin Liao

    Partner, Diaspora Ventures

  • Nat Clarkson, CFV Ventures

    Nat Clarkson

    Founder & Managing Partner, CFV Ventures

  • Mike Sigal, Sigal Ventures

    Mike Sigal

    Founder, Sigal Ventures

  • María Fernanda González, ALLVP

    María Fernanda González

    Principal, ALLVP

  • Elsa Trevino, Toro Ventures

    Elsa Trevino

    CEO & Managing Partner, Toro Ventures

  • Jesse Podell, Ally Ventures

    Jesse Podell

    Senior Director, Ally Ventures

  • Camila Potenza, Mindset Ventures

    Camila Potenza

    Co-Founder & Partner, Mindset Ventures

  • Alejandro Gonzalez, Redwood Ventures

    Alejandro Gonzalez

    Managing Partner, Redwood Ventures

  • Sophie Winwood, Anthemis

    Sophie Winwood

    Principal, Anthemis

  • Martin Ringlein, Adventure Fund

    Martin Ringlein

    General Partner, Adventure Fund

  • Noam Inbar, Viola Fintech

    Noam Inbar

    Partner, Viola Fintech

  • John Wu, Ava Labs

    John Wu

    President, Ava Labs

  • Geraldo Melzer, ABSeed Ventures

    Geraldo Melzer

    Founding Partner, ABSeed Ventures

  • Kim Groop, First Fellow Partners

    Kim Groop

    Co-founder & Managing Partner, First Fellow Partners

  • Kirby Winfield,

    Kirby Winfield

    Founding General Partner,

  • Avi Arnon, Citi Ventures

    Avi Arnon

    Vice President, Venture Investing, Citi Ventures

  • Meirav Harnoy, Moneta VC

    Meirav Harnoy

    Managing Partner, Moneta VC

  • Nico Stainfeld, Foundation Capital

    Nico Stainfeld

    Partner, Foundation Capital

  • Özge Öz, QNBEYOND Ventures

    Özge Öz

    Partner, QNBEYOND Ventures

  • Theo Xydas, Mouro Capital

    Theo Xydas

    Partner, Mouro Capital

  • Ihar Mahaniok, Geek Ventures

    Ihar Mahaniok

    Managing Partner, Geek Ventures

  • Daniel Star, TDJ Pitango Ventures

    Daniel Star

    Managing Partner, TDJ Pitango Ventures

  • Amy Neale, Delta Partners

    Amy Neale

    General Partner, Delta Partners

  • Alejandro Troll Bouroncle, BVC

    Alejandro Troll Bouroncle

    General Partner, BVC

  • Sung Lim, Grão

    Sung Lim

    CIO & CFO, Grão

  • Matthew Stotts, Cerulean Ventures

    Matthew Stotts

    General Partner, Cerulean Ventures

  • Marcin Hejka, OTB Ventures

    Marcin Hejka

    General Partner, OTB Ventures

  • David Roos, Core Innovation Capital

    David Roos

    Partner, Core Innovation Capital

  • Edwin Meyers, Carao Ventures

    Edwin Meyers

    Partner, Carao Ventures

  • Eddie Anderson, Pentech Ventures

    Eddie Anderson

    Partner, Pentech Ventures

  • Jad Salame, Phoenician VC

    Jad Salame

    Managing Partner, Phoenician VC

  • Merve Zabci, Metis Ventures

    Merve Zabci

    Managing Partner, Metis Ventures

  • Adam Kočík, J&T Ventures

    Adam Kočík

    Managing Partner, J&T Ventures

  • Hernan Haro, MrPink VC

    Hernan Haro

    General Partner, MrPink VC

  • Alexander Mann, Concentric

    Alexander Mann

    Partner, Concentric

  • Maxence Drummond, Breega

    Maxence Drummond

    Partner, Breega

  • Samakab Hashi, Lateral Frontiers

    Samakab Hashi

    Partner, Lateral Frontiers

  • Apostolos Apostolakis, VentureFriends

    Apostolos Apostolakis

    Partner, VentureFriends

  • Paweł Maj, Warsaw Equity Group

    Paweł Maj

    Partner, Warsaw Equity Group

  • Marcin Laczynski, Next Road Ventures

    Marcin Laczynski

    Partner, Next Road Ventures

  • Michael Morgenstern, Brex

    Michael Morgenstern

    Strategic Partnerships, Brex

  • Ryan Beaudry, Mastercard

    Ryan Beaudry

    Global Head of Open Banking Fintech Product, Mastercard

  • Adi Levanon, Selah Ventures

    Adi Levanon

    Founder & Managing Partner, Selah Ventures

  • Carlos Torres, AMG Block Ventures

    Carlos Torres

    Managing Director, AMG Block Ventures

  • Maximilian Schausberger, Elevator Ventures

    Maximilian Schausberger

    Managing Director, Elevator Ventures

  • Sunil RaO

    Sunil Rao

    Ex Head of Cash Management, Americas for Barclays Bank Plc.

  • Romain Grimal, BlackFin Capital Partners

    Romain Grimal

    Investment Manager, BlackFin Capital Partners

  • Hope Johnson, Octopus Ventures

    Hope Johnson

    Investment Manager, Octopus Ventures

  • Abel Bezares, Cometa

    Abel Bezares

    Principal, Cometa

  • Mark Palfalvi, PortfoLion Capital Partners

    Mark Palfalvi

    Principal, PortfoLion Capital Partners

  • Ellen Logan, Augmentum

    Ellen Logan

    Principal, Augmentum

  • Adam Hashchyshyn, Roosh Ventures

    Adam Hashchyshyn

    Principal, Roosh Ventures

  • Laura M González, IGNIA Partners

    Laura M González

    VC Investor, IGNIA Partners

  • Atit Amin, Pivot Investment Partners

    Atit Amin

    VC Investor, Pivot Investment Partners

  • Kevin Levitt, NVIDIA

    Kevin Levitt

    Global BD Lead Financial Services, NVIDIA

  • Stefany Bello, Mastercard

    Stefany Bello

    Head of Digital LATAM, Mastercard

  • Syed Musheer Ahmed, Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority of Dubai

    Syed Musheer Ahmed

    Financial Market Risk Assurance, Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority of Dubai

  • Arnon Barzilay, Stripe

    Arnon Barzilay

    Head of Sales, Israel, Stripe

  • Dave Salvant, SQUIRE

    Dave Salvant

    President & Co-founder, SQUIRE

  • Martin Elwin, Klarna

    Martin Elwin

    Head of AI - CTO Office, Klarna

  • Fritz Charles, Circle

    Fritz Charles

    Principal Product Manager, Circle

  • Phoebe Chen, Amazon Web Services

    Phoebe Chen

    Fintech Startup Growth Strategy, Amazon Web Services

  • Konrad Koncerewicz, Vestbee

    Konrad Koncerewicz

    Head of VC & Startups, Vestbee

  • Ben Froumine, Mastercard

    Ben Froumine

    Director of Business Development, Fintech, Mastercard

... Stay tuned as we reveal more experts daily!

Participation Benefits

Up To $100k* in AWS Activate Credits

Accepted startups will get up to $25k in AWS Activate credits. The top 15 finalists will get up to $75k in additional AWS Activate credits

*AWS Activate eligibility criteria must apply
Prize image
Partner Offers & Special Discounts

Access to additional benefits and offers from NVIDIA including cash for building out a POC for your AI workload

*NVIDIA AI POC program T&C must apply
Prize image
Cloud Support

1:1 mentoring sessions with AWS Fintech Solution Architects and access to specialized AI resources and industry specialists

Prize image
Fundraising Support

Fundraising tools & support along with access to wide network of global leading VC funds

Prize image
Marketing & PR

Co-marketing resources and media coverage for selected startups

Prize image
Pitching Session

Pitching opportunity to investors and ecosystem players through Demo Day

Prize image
Ecosystem Engagement

Access to wide network of community, VC funds, compliance, technology & innovation experts and more!

Prize image
Funding Preparation

Become funding-ready with hands-on workshops and concrete use cases and validate your strategy, pitch deck and storytelling

Prize image
Alumni Community

The community brings together all program members, including alumni founders for both CEOs and CTOs

Prize image
Business Boost

1:many sessions, workshops and 1:1 mentor meetings with subject-matter experts and advisors

Prize image
Up To 90% Off

Up to 90% off on HubSpot for eligible startup teams

Prize image
€15,000 Credits

Stripe Credits: €15,000 for all applicants!

Prize image
$3,000 Credits

For annual Business Plan for up to 25 users with access to unlimited video recordings & more features for all teams!

Prize image
Up to 50,000 bonus points

Free credit cards, deposits, payments, expenses, accounting and up to 50,000 bonus points, free billboards and access to global events focused on scaling and venture capital for accepted cohort

Prize image
$50,000 Credits

$50,000 on the Mixpanel Growth Plan for all applicants!

Prize image
6 months for free

6 months of free Notion towards a Plus Plan, including unlimited AI for all applicants!

Prize image
$500 bonus

Get a $500 bonus for Ramp - all-in-one solution designed to automate finance operations and build healthier businesses. With Ramp, you can save an average of 5% while closing your books 8x faster

Prize image
6 Months For Free

Get 6 months free of Zendesk Suite & Sales CRM as well as 15% off for first annual subscription!

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Aug 31, 2023

Applications Close

Sep 1 - 20, 2023

Jury Work

Sep 21, 2023

Cohort Announcement

Oct 2, 2023

Cohort Start date

Nov 13, 2023

Cohort end date

Dec 14, 2023

Demo Day


The AWS Global Fintech Accelerator is a 6-week equity-free online program that leverages the best of AWS's infrastructure and partner network to empower seed-stage AI-driven Fintech startups operating across NAMER, EMEA, and LATAM and developing their projects in the following categories:

Embedded & Open Finance

AI/ML & Big Data


Financial Inclusion & Sustainability


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... Stay tuned as we reveal more partners daily!


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