AWS FinTech Africa Accelerator

Join the online AWS FinTech Africa Accelerator powered by AWS Startup Loft Accelerator to take part in an equity-free program focused on supporting early stage startups with technology, product development, go-to-market advice and getting you funding ready.

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Meet the experts

  • Fola Olatunji-David,

    Fola Olatunji-David

    Early Stage Startup Business Development, AWS Startup Loft Accelerator

  • Dona Haj,

    Dona Haj

    VCs & A&I Manager, AWS Startup Loft Accelerator

  • Áine Mulloy, AWS Startup Loft Accelerator

    Áine Mulloy

    Business Development Manager, AWS Startup Loft Accelerator

  • Gali Niv,

    Gali Niv

    Program Manager, AWS Startup Loft Accelerator

  • Ewa Chronowska, Vestbee & Next Road Ventures

    Ewa Chronowska

    CEO, Vestbee & Partner, Next Road Ventures

  • Barbara Iyayi, Unicorn Growth Capital

    Barbara Iyayi

    CEO & Founding Partner, Unicorn Growth Capital

  • Agnes Aistleitner Kisuule, First Circle Capital

    Agnes Aistleitner Kisuule

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner, First Circle Capital

  • Samakab Hashi, Lateral Frontiers

    Samakab Hashi

    Partner, Lateral Frontiers

  • Clive Butkow, Kalon Venture Partners

    Clive Butkow

    CEO, Kalon Venture Partners

  • Khaled Ismail, HIMangel

    Khaled Ismail

    Chairman, HIMangel

  • Gbite Oduneye, ODBA

    Gbite Oduneye

    Founder & General Partner, ODBA

  • Harry Apostoleris, UW Ventures

    Harry Apostoleris

    Co-Founder, UW Ventures

  • Dhekra Khelifi, 216 Capital Ventures

    Dhekra Khelifi

    Partner, 216 Capital Ventures

  • Mobalaji Adeoye, Consonance

    Mobalaji Adeoye

    Managing Partner, Consonance

  • Tayo Oviosu, Paga

    Tayo Oviosu

    Founder & CEO, Paga

  • Adedeji Olowe

    Adedeji Olowe

    FinTech Expert, Entrepreneur & Investor

  • Adrian Ephraim, TechCabal

    Adrian Ephraim

    Editor in Chief, TechCabal

  • David Fogel, Alma Angels

    David Fogel

    Co-Founder, Alma Angels

  • Daniela Raffel, Dawn Capital

    Daniela Raffel

    Vice President, Dawn Capital

  • Alex Wilson, White Star Capital

    Alex Wilson

    Principal, White Star Capital

  • Romain Grimal, Blackfin Capital Partners

    Romain Grimal

    Investment Manager, Blackfin Capital Partners

  • Marcin Łączyński, Next Road Ventures

    Marcin Laczynski

    Partner, Next Road Ventures

  • Sofien V. Sidhoum, Afrolynk

    Sofien V. Sidhoum

    Partner, Afrolynk

  • Marton Medveczky, Flashpoint VC

    Marton Medveczky

    Investment Director, Flashpoint VC

  • Ada Vaughan, Conduit

    Ada Vaughan

    Vice President & Global Partnerships, Conduit

  • Mathieu Desvé,

    Mathieu Desvé

    Senior Solutions Architect, AWS Startup Loft Accelerator

  • Lorenzo Boccaccia,

    Lorenzo Boccaccia

    Solutions Architect, AWS Startup Loft Accelerator

Participation Benefits

Up To $25K* in AWS Activate Credits

Up to $25K to spend on AWS services, a free one-year AWS Business Support subscription for up to $5K and more!

*AWS Activate Program rules must apply
Technology Fast-Track

Tech resources, guidance and a community of peers. From technical deep dives to round tables on day-to-day CTO challenges

Funding Preparation

Become funding-ready with hands-on workshops and concrete use cases and validate your strategy, pitch deck and storytelling

Alumni Community

The community brings together all program members, including alumni founders for both CEOs and CTOs

Partner Offers & Special Discounts

Access to credits, valuable discounts & offers from AWS Partners for accepted teams

Cloud Support

1:1 meetings with AWS Solution Architects and access to product, regulatory & compliance, security specialists

Business Boost

1:many sessions, workshops and 1:1 mentor meetings with subject-matter experts and advisors

Marketing & PR

Media exposure and coverage for selected teams

Global Network

Benefit from the extensive AWS network of industry leaders, technology experts, serial entrepreneurs, investors, startup organizations and advisors

Fundraising Support

Fundraising tools & support along with access to wide network of global leading VC funds

Up To 90% Off

Up to 90% off on HubSpot for eligible startup teams

€15.000 Credits

Stripe Credits: €15.000 for all applicants!

$3000 Credits

For annual Business Plan for up to 25 users with access to unlimited video recordings & more features for all teams!

$50.000 Credits

$50.000 on the Mixpanel Growth Plan for all applicants!

6 months for free

6 months of free Notion towards a Plus Plan, including unlimited AI for all applicants!

6 Months For Free

Get 6 months free of Zendesk Suite & Sales CRM as well as 15% off for first annual subscription!



28th Apr, 2023

Applications Close

18th May, 2023

Cohort Announcement

5th Jun, 2023

Cohort Start date

1st Aug - 1st Sep, 2023

Holiday break

18th Sep, 2023

Cohort end date


The AWS FinTech Africa Accelerator is a virtual, equity-free 10-week program that leverages the best of Amazon's infrastructure and partner network to support pre-seed and seed stage FinTech startups developing their projects in Africa and beyond in the following categories:

Open & Embedded Finance

Big Data & AIML

Blockchain & Decentralised Finance


Financial inclusion & Sustainability



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“With an increasingly competitive startup market, you need to be able to define and differentiate your business at speed. This can be taxing on the soul. In addition to the access to expertise, AWS delivered a level of emotional support which has been invaluable to our success.”

Itamar Jovani
Co-founder, PayEm

“The infrastructure, support and training we've had access to from AWS has been fundamental to our startup's success. It provided us with the confidence we needed to launch our business quickly.”

Roenen Ben Ami
Co-founder, Justt

“Lots of accelerators are all about fundraising but we didn't need that. We're a highly technical team, but it is very rare to get an incubator with that focus - our tech guys are often left on their own.”

Alex Harris
Founder, Adadot

“I liked that you could just go in and select what you wanted. I really liked the founders' meetup. It was useful to hear from, and talk to, my peers. There was also great content on fund-raising strategies and product marketing. We also had one-on-one sessions with architects and AWS experts which were really useful. The introduction to AI services helped us to work out our pipeline and how we can increase its use in the future.”

Adeola Alli
Founder and Chief Executive,

Accelerate your growth with our virtual, equity-free, startup accelerator!