AWS & Crowdstrike Cybersecurity Accelerator

by AWS Startup Loft Accelerator

Join the AWS & Crowdstrike Cybersecurity Accelerator, an online equity-free program designed to empower cybersecurity startups from EMEA with product development, investment and business support.

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  • Tayler Sipperly, CrowdStrike

    Tayler Sipperly

    Director, Corporate Development and Falcon Fund

  • Gur Talpaz, Falcon Fund

    Gur Talpaz

    Vice President, Corporate Development and Head of Falcon Fund

  • Daniel Bernard, CrowdStrike

    Daniel Bernard

    Chief Business Officer, CrowdStrike

  • Jessica Alexander, CrowdStrike

    Jessica Alexander

    VP Sales, CrowdStrike

  • Chris Kachigian, CrowdStrike

    Chris Kachigian

    Global VP Solutions Architect, CrowdStrike

  • Patrick Doherty, CrowdStrike

    Patrick Doherty

    Global VP Sales, CrowdStrike

  • Mike Petronaci, CrowdStrike

    Mike Petronaci

    CTO Proactive Security, CrowdStrike

  • Idan Ninyo, CrowdStrike

    Idan Ninyo

    VP Product Management, CrowdStrike

  • Scott Simkin, CrowdStrike

    Scott Simkin

    VP Product Marketing, CrowdStrike

  • Ilan Leiferman, AWS

    Ilan Leiferman

    Global Head BD, Cybersecurity Startups & VCs, AWS

  • Ella Gille, AWS

    Ella Gille

    Sr Partner Leader Security Lake, AWS

  • Brian Lozada, CISO

    Brian Lozada

    Amazon Prime Video, CISO, AWS

  • Debashis Das, AWS

    Debashis Das

    Principal Architect Office of the CISO, AWS

  • Becky Weiss, AWS

    Becky Weiss

    Senior Principal Security Engineer, AWS

  • Guy Farber, AWS

    Guy Farber

    Security and Networking Tech Partner Leader, AWS

  • Dudi Matot, AWS

    Dudi Matot

    Security Segment Lead, AWS

  • Álvaro Del Hoyo, AWS

    Álvaro Del Hoyo

    Senior EMEA Security and Compliance Partner Development Specialist, AWS

  • Yuval Shchory, AWS

    Yuval Shchory

    Head of WW Partnerships, Identity and Access Management, AWS

  • Shachar Hirshberg, AWS

    Shachar Hirshberg

    Senior Product Manager, AWS

  • Amit Karp, Bessemer Venture Partner

    Amit Karp

    Partner, Bessemer Venture Partner

  • Liran Grinberg, Team8

    Liran Grinberg

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Team8

  • Ewa Chronowska, Vestbee & Next Road Ventures

    Ewa Chronowska

    CEO, Vestbee & Partner, Next Road Ventures

  • Lior Mallul, Battery Ventures

    Lior Mallul

    Vice President, Battery Ventures

  • Steve Ward, Insight

    Steve Ward

    Managing Director, Insight

  • Jed Leidheiser, March Capital

    Jed Leidheiser

    Partner, March Capital

  • Eran Bielski, Entree Capital

    Eran Bielski

    General Partner, Entree Capital

  • Maor Fridman, F2 Capital

    Maor Fridman

    General Partner, F2 Capital

  • James Green, CRV

    James Green

    General Partner, CRV

  • Pavel Livshiz, Hetz Ventures

    Pavel Livshiz

    General Partner, Hetz Ventures

  • Ofer Schreiber, YL Ventures

    Ofer Schreiber

    Senior Partner & Head of Israel Office, YL Ventures

  • Jake Storm, Felicis Ventures

    Jake Storm

    Deal Partner, Felicis Ventures

  • Omri Green, Dell Tech Capital

    Omri Green

    Partner, Dell Tech Capital

  • Nicole Priel, Ibex Investors

    Nicole Priel

    Partner, Ibex Investors

  • Moshe Zilberstein, Next47

    Moshe Zilberstein

    Partner, Next47

  • Jeff Caso, McKinsey & Company

    Jeff Caso

    Associate Partner, Cyber Practice, McKinsey & Company

  • Federico Wengi, SquareOne

    Federico Wengi

    Partner, SquareOne

  • Amir Zilberstein, Team8

    Amir Zilberstein

    Managing Partner, Team8

  • Nancy Wang, Felicis Ventures

    Nancy Wang

    Venture Partner, Felicis Ventures

  • Marcin Łączyński, Next Road Ventures

    Marcin Łączyński

    Partner, Next Road Ventures

  • Vladi Sandler, Cisco

    Vladi Sandler

    Director of Partnerships, Community, and Integrations, Cisco

  • Marcos de Castro Osório, SONAE Bright Pixel Capital

    Marcos de Castro Osório

    Investment Director - Cybersecurity, SONAE Bright Pixel Capital

  • Brice Lapouble, Axeleo Capital

    Brice Lapouble

    Investment Director, Axeleo Capital

  • Joshua Trup, Nauta Capital

    Joshua Trup

    Venture Capital Investor, Nauta Capital

  • Dorin Baniel, NightDragon

    Dorin Baniel

    Principal, Head of EMEA, NightDragon

  • Pedro Carreira, 33N ventures

    Pedro Carreira

    Principal, 33N Ventures

  • Danel Dayan, Battery Ventures

    Danel Dayan

    Principal, Battery Ventures

  • Gali Niv,

    Gali Niv

    Program Manager, AWS Startup Loft Accelerator

  • Dona Haj,

    Dona Haj

    VCs & A&I Manager, AWS Startup Loft Accelerator

  • Áine Mulloy, AWS Startup Loft Accelerator

    Áine Mulloy

    Business Development Manager, AWS Startup Loft Accelerator

  • Moran Nir, AWS Startup Loft Accelerator

    Moran Nir

    Team Lead, AWS Startup Loft Accelerator

  • Shlomi Gabbay, AWS Startup Loft Accelerator

    Shlomi Gabbay

    Manager, Solutions Architect Early Stage Startups, EMEA, AWS Startup Loft Accelerator

  • Lorenzo Boccaccia, AWS Startup Loft Accelerator

    Lorenzo Boccaccia

    Solutions Architect, AWS Startup Loft Accelerator


Nov 30, 2023

Applications Close

Dec 4 - Dec 14, 2023

Jury Work

Jan 15, 2024

Cohort Announcement

Feb 5, 2024

Cohort Start date

Apr 11, 2024

Cohort end date

May 6, 2024

Demo Day (RSA)


The AWS & Crowdstrike Cybersecurity Accelerator is a 10-week online equity-free program for seed-stage startups from the EMEA region specifically designed to support companies developing cybersecurity technologies in the following categories:

Cloud security

Application Security



Data Security



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Participation Benefits

Up To $25K* in AWS Activate Credits

Up to $25K to spend on AWS services, a free one-year AWS Business Support subscription for up to $5K and more!*

*AWS Activate eligibility criteria must apply
Prize image
Cloud Support

1:1 mentoring sessions with AWS Solution Architects and access to specialized resources and industry specialists

Prize image
Marketing & PR

Co-marketing resources and media coverage for selected startups

Prize image
Pitching Session

Pitching opportunity to investors and ecosystem players through Demo Day

Prize image
Ecosystem Engagement

Access to wide network of community, VC funds, compliance, technology & innovation experts and more!

Prize image
Fundraising Support

Become funding-ready with hands-on workshops. Validate your strategy, pitch deck and storytelling and get access to leading VCs

Prize image
Alumni Community

The community brings together all program members, including alumni founders for both CEOs and CTOs

Prize image
Business Boost

1:many sessions, workshops and 1:1 mentor meetings with subject-matter experts and advisors

Prize image
Up to 70% Off

Participants and applicants are eligible to receive up to 70% off on Falcon Go and Pro

Prize image
Up To 90% Off

Up to 90% off on HubSpot for eligible startup teams

Prize image
€15,000 Credits

Stripe Credits: €15,000 for all applicants!

Prize image
$3,000 Credits

For annual Business Plan for up to 25 users with access to unlimited video recordings & more features for all teams!

Prize image
$50,000 Credits

$50,000 on the Mixpanel Growth Plan for all applicants!

Prize image
6 months for free

6 months of free Notion towards a Plus Plan, including unlimited AI for all applicants!

Prize image
6 Months For Free

Get 6 months free of Zendesk Suite & Sales CRM as well as 15% off for first annual subscription!

Prize image


Accelerate your growth with our online equity-free startup accelerator!