AWS and Anthropic GenAI Scale Program

Join AWS and Anthropic GenAI Scale Program, a 2 -week virtual and equity-free program for EMEA startups wanting to build generative AI applications with the support of experts from AWS and Anthropic.

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The 2-week Virtual Scale Program features workshops led by AWS and Anthropic GenAI experts, offered entirely online to ensure business continuity and efficiency. Each week consists of workshops, presentations, and expert technical support, all structured to accelerate GenAI application development. You will learn from top engineers at both Anthropic and AWS, and complete the program prepared to launch a generative AI application. The program will leverage leading models from Anthropic, through a Bedrock’s reliable API along with AWS’s enterprise-grade security for data and governance.


Jul 9, 2024

Applications Close

Jul 15, 2024

Kick off event in London

Jul 16-25, 2024

Virtual program


The program is designed for CTOs, Heads of Engineering, Data Science, Machine Learning, Developers but also includes sessions tailored for generative AI go-to-market strategies for commercial executives. It focuses on rapidly scaling product development by utilizing Claude models on Bedrock in a first-of-its-kind intensive ML product accelerator. The program enables engineering teams to leverage Bedrock’s enterprise-grade security and features, along with Claude’s Anthropic models at scale. Participants will master prompt engineering with Anthropic and AWS, learn Bedrock tips and tricks, attend LLMOps workshops and learn from AWS and Anthropic experts best practises for deploying genai applications.

Participation Benefits

5K-10K in AWS credits specifically for the event

Receive $5-10K in AWS Promotional Credits on day one of the program and also apply for up to $300K in AWS GenAI Activate credits pending deployments via Bedrock after the program.

*Startups must separately qualify for AWS Activate in order to receive AWS Activate credits.
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Access Anthropic’s Claude Family of Cutting-Edge Models

Claude 3 models outperform GPT-3.5 Turbo and GPT-4 across most benchmarks, offering best-in-class accuracy, cost-effective pricing, and a focus on safety, security, and reliability.

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Leverage the Advantages of Bedrock

Bedrock offers enterprise-grade security, preventing outages and downtime. It increases productivity, decreases latency, and allows building with Anthropic’s models while maintaining AWS security and reliability.

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Technical deep dives

Learn from Anthropic and AWS engineers, AI/ML experts, and specialists. Integrate generative AI applications efficiently on Anthropic/Claude models without disrupting business continuity.

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Dedicated support

Access 450 hours of AWS Solution Architect support, tailored to your industry and technology stack, including triaged support tickets.

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Exclusive Access and Networking

Join a community of peers and AI leaders from AWS and Anthropic on our networking platforms.

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Go-to market support for GenAI startups

Participate in GTM strategy sessions with AWS GenAI experts, tailored for executives. Learn to launch and scale your GenAI model.

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Opening event

Kick off the 2-week program by meeting AWS executives and partners at the opening event in London on July 15.

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Speakers and experts

  • Andreas Chatzakis, AWS

    Andreas Chatzakis

    Director, Startup Solutions Architecture (EMEA), AWS

  • Tobias Halloran, AWS

    Tobias Halloran

    EMEA Head of AI/ML Strategy and BD, AWS Startups

  • Sam Edge

    Sam Edge

    Head of Industries and Emerging Technologies, Startups & Venture Capital, AWS

  • Jo Zhu, Anthropic

    Jo Zhu

    Head of Growth & Partnerships - Startups, Anthropic

  • Alex Albert, Anthropic

    Alex Albert

    Head of Developer Relations, Anthropic

  • Tricia Troth, AWS

    Tricia Troth

    UKIR Startup Sales Leader, AWS

  • David Roldán, Jr., AWS

    David Roldán, Jr.

    Head of Startup Business Development & GTM - EMEA, AWS

  • Leon Rees, AWS

    Leon Rees

    Principal Startups and Venture Capital, AWS

  • Mary Miller, AWS

    Mary Miller

    Head of GTM, Amazon Bedrock

  • Zahra Zahid, AWS

    Zahra Zahid

    Startup Leader, Solutions Architecture, AWS

  • Dona Haj, AWS

    Dona Haj

    VCs & A&I Manager, AWS Startup Loft Accelerator

  • Lucas Fialaire, AWS

    Lucas Fialaire


  • Antonella Kamien, AWS

    Antonella Kamien

    Senior Fintech/GenAI Business Development Manager, Israel, AWS

  • Michael Freudenthal, AWS

    Michael Freudenthal

    Senior Business Development Manager - Startups, AWS

  • Du (Derry) Chen, Anthropic

    Du (Derry) Chen

    Sales Leader, Anthropic

  • Eduardo Ordax, AWS

    Eduardo Ordax

    Principal MLOps EMEA, AWS

  • Mark Relph, Amazon Bedrock

    Mark Relph

    Director, GenAI Go-To-Market, Amazon Bedrock



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