AIm High - AI Bootcamp for Female Founders

Join AIm High AI Bootcamp for Female Founders powered by AWS Startup Loft Accelerator to get up to $100,000 in AWS Activate Credits, Access To Leading VC Funds, Technical and Business Support and a Spot in the AWS Startup Loft Accelerator!

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AIm High is an online and equity-free program bringing the best of Amazon's Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence alongside the cloud infrastructure and partners network to support early-stage AI startups with at least one female founder that develop their AI-based projects across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Meet The Experts

  • Merav Ash, Amazon Web Services

    Merav Ash

    Head of Startup & VC ML Business Development, AWS

  • Monika Rozalska-Lilo, Amazon Web Services

    Monika Rozalska-Lilo

    Senior Startup & VC Business Development Manager, AWS

  • Ewa Chronowska

    CEO, Vestbee & Partner, Next Road Ventures

  • Bakhrom Ibragimov, Molten Ventures

    Bakhrom Ibragimov

    Partner, Molten Ventures

  • Daniela Raffel

    VC Investor, Dawn Capital

  • Ellen Logan, Augmentum Fintech

    Ellen Logan

    Investor, Augmentum Fintech

  • Marcus Erken, Sunfish Partners

    Marcus Erken

    Founding Partner, Sunfish Partners

  • Merve Zabci, Logo Ventures

    Merve Zabci

    General Partner, Logo Ventures

  • Irina Dimitrova, LAUNCHub Ventures

    Irina Dimitrova

    CFO, Partner, LAUNCHub Ventures

  • Aleksandra Zajac, Antler

    Aleksandra Zajac

    VC Investor, Antler

  • Alex Wilson, White Star Capital

    Alex Wilson

    Principal, White Star Capital

  • Konrad Koncerewicz, Vestbee

    Konrad Koncerewicz

    Head of VC & Startups, Vestbee

  • Adam Rudowski, Level2 Ventures

    Adam Rudowski

    General Partner, Level2 Ventures

  • Marcin Laczynski, Next Road Ventures

    Marcin Laczynski

    Partner, Next Road Ventures

  • Magdalena Pawłowska, Level2 Ventures

    Magdalena Pawłowska

    Partner, Level2 Ventures

  • Paweł Maj, Warsaw Equity Group

    Paweł Maj

    Partner, Warsaw Equity Group

  • Noémi Szabó, Herius Capital

    Noémi Szabó

    Investment Manager, Herius Capital

  • Pratima Aiyagari, Nauta Capital

    Pratima Aiyagari

    Partner, Nauta Capital

  • Greta Monstavice, Katalista Ventures

    Greta Monstavice

    Co-Founder & CEO, Katalista Ventures

  • Elena Salamandîc-Alijošienė, Katalista Ventures

    Elena Salamandîc-Alijošienė

    Partner, Katalista Ventures

  • Magdalena Zatorska, Vestbee

    Magdalena Zatorska

    Manager, Vestbee

  • Tatjana Zabasu Mikuž, South Central Ventures

    Tatjana Zabasu Mikuž

    Managing Partner, South Central Ventures

  • Silke Horakova, Tilia Impact Ventures

    Silke Horakova

    Co-Founder & Partner, Tilia Impact Ventures

  • Marija Butkovic, Simsan Ventures

    Marija Butkovic

    Startup Mentor, Venture Partner, Simsan Ventures

  • Elina Kochenko, Flyer One Ventures

    Elina Kochenko

    External Communications Manager, Flyer One Ventures

  • Lisa Brouwer, Curiosity VC

    Lisa Brouwer

    Investor, Curiosity VC

  • Kart Siilats, Mojo Capital

    Kart Siilats

    Investment Partner, Mojo Capital

  • Ankit Kalyani, Amazon

    Ankit Kalyani

    MBA Launch Associate, Amazon

  • Mia Chang, Amazon Web Services

    Mia Chang

    Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

  • Jenny Vega, Amazon Web Services

    Jenny Vega

    Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

  • Flora Eggers, Amazon Web Services

    Flora Eggers

    Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

  • Eliad Maimon, Amazon Web Services

    Eliad Maimon

    Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

  • Eitan Sela, Amazon Web Services

    Eitan Sela

    Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

  • Monika Synoradzka, SpeedUp Venture Capital Group

    Monika Synoradzka

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner, SpeedUp Venture Capital Group

  • Marton Medveczky, Flashpoint VC

    Marton Medveczky

    Investment Director, Flashpoint VC

Participation Benefits

Up To $100.000 AWS Activate* Credits

Access to up to $10K for all participants, $25K for accepted teams & $100K for the graduates!*

*AWS Activate Program rules must apply
Partner Offers & Special Discounts

Access to credits, valuable discounts & offers from AWS Partners for accepted teams

Cloud Support

1:1 meetings with AWS specialists and access to product, regulatory & compliance, security specialists

Fundraising Support

Fundraising tools & support along with access to wide network of global leading VC funds

Marketing & PR

Media exposure

Pitching Session

Pitching to investors and experts

Ecosystem Engagement

Access to the best of Amazon's Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, as well as its cloud infrastructure and partner network.

Up To 90% Off

Up to 90% off on HubSpot for eligible startup teams

€15.000 Credits

Stripe Credits: €15.000 for all applicants!

$3000 Credits

For annual Business Plan for up to 25 users with access to unlimited video recordings & more features for all teams!

$50.000 Credits

$50.000 on the Mixpanel Growth Plan for all applicants!

6 months for free

6 months of free Notion towards a Plus Plan, including unlimited AI for all applicants!



10th March, 2023

Applications Close

13th April, 2023

Cohort Announcement

1st May, 2023

Acceleration Program Start

18th July, 2023

Acceleration Program Finish

Selection Criteria

To participate in this online and equity-free program you must meet the following selection criteria:

Early-stage company

At least 1 female founder

Tech leader

AI-based use case


Market size


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Session 1 - Opening Session

Meet the startups in the program, hear from a successful female founder about her startup journey.

Session 2 - Product Strategy

PR FAQ methodology to help design your product.

Session 3 - How Startups Leverage the Power of AI/ML

Customer stories, AI product strategy and technical overview of AI services.

Session 4 - AI Services

AutoML in AI services (training a model based on your data).

Session 5 - Data

What is the relevant data for ML/AI models. Public data sources, data preparation, synthetic data, data annotation/labeling.

Session 6 - Part 1: Technical workshop - AutoML / Part 2: Responsible AI

Build your model using SageMaker Canvas. / Privacy, Bias and Explainability.

Session 7 - Technical Workshop

Build your own model using Amazon SageMaker.

Session 8 - Advanced Technical Workshop

Experiment management, HPO, model deployment, model monitor, etc.

Session 9 - Startups & Enterprises

How to sell to giant customers?

Session 10 - Webinar

Investor Bias and How to Raise Funding for your AI company?

Session 11 - Clossing session:

Startups demo their work.


Join AIm High AI Bootcamp for Female Founders & Take Your Startup To The Next Level