CEE Startup Challenge – Terms of Participation

These Terms of Participation set forth the rules for participation in a CEE Startup Challenges.

Whenever the terms defined hereunder are used in this Terms of Participation, they should be understood as follows:

Organizer – Vestbee Sp. z o.o. based at: ul. Padewska 23/7, 00-777 Warsaw, Poland, entered to the Register of Entrepreneurs carried out by the District Court for Warsaw, XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the KRS number: 0000766944, NIP: 5213852971 REGON: 38232689500000

Challenge – an online event accessible at the website, www.vestbee.com which is available to any person able to meet the conditions specified in this Terms of Participation

Participant – a natural person entitled to participate in the Challenge

Application – actions undertaken by a Participant to register for the Challenge

Registration – creating an account on Vestbee platform via www.vestbee.com website

Account - account created on Vestbee platform after registering to the Challenge through www.vestbee.com

Vestbee platform - platform accessable at the website www.vestbee.com

Application Form - set of questions available at Participant’s account in section “My Applications”

Company Profile - set of fields and questions available at Participant’s account in section “Profile”

Fortuitous Events – circumstances which despite maintaining due diligence are unpredictable and cannot be prevented or stood against effectively

Regulations – this set of regulations meaning the set of terms of participation in the Challenge


  1. The condition for the participation in the Challenge is to submit a complete application by filling in the Application Form and Company Profile correctly and confirming it by clicking the button “Submit” available in “My applications” section on Participant’s Account. In case of a juvenile, the application can be submitted only by his/her statutory representative. Any consents described hereunder given by a statutory representative refer to the juvenile.
  2. Applications can be submitted only electronically (online) via Registration to the Challenge at website www.vestbee.com The deadline for applications will be presented on the Challenge website at www.vestbee.com .
  3. The Company Profile submitted on Vestbee platform has to be accepted by the Organizer to participate in the Scouting Program. Startups will receive a confirmation of Participation in the Challenge via e-mail.
  4. Filling in the Application Form, Company Profile and attaching pitch decks require providing personal details which include name, surname, e-mail address and other details.
  5. Submitting the Application for the participation in the Challenge constitutes the acceptance of this Terms of Participation available on the website www.vestbee.com and the Participant’s commitment to follow them.
  6. Participation in the Scouting Program for startups is free of charge.
  7. Any possible disputes arising from contracts signed on the basis of this Terms of Participation will be settled by the court relevant for the headquarters of the Organizer.
  8. Organizer states that the use of electronically provided services is associated with risk taht the user should be aware of.


  1. Organizer together with the judges will select the finalists of the Challenge and announce the winners on the website www.vestbee.com and social media channels. The list of judges will be published on the website www.vestbee.com . The Partners of the Challenge might additionally grant the winners with money awards, services etc, but Organizer is not responsible for the realization of these awards. www.ceestartupchallenge.com
  2. Organizer reserves the right to prevent a participation of a company without providing a reason. This might happen among others if a Company has not Registered to the Scouting Program or has done it incorrectly (for example has not completed the Application Form or a Company Profile) in accordance with this Terms of Participation rules.
  3. Organizer allows a possibility of changing the assumptions of the Challenge including its timeline. In such case, Organizer is obliged to put such information on the website www.vestbee.com
  4. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the Challenge at any time, without giving cause. In such case, Organizer is obliged to inform Participants about this situation via email correspondence.
  5. Organizer reserves the right to publish the names of enterprises and of people participating in the Challenge together with the logo or the photo uploaded in the Company Profile.
  6. Organizer warrants that Vestbee platform functions in such a manner as to prevent access by unauthorized persons to the content of the Account.
  7. Organizer shall engage in all reasonable efforts to ensure the uninterrupted operation of Vestbee platform, however, Organizer shall bear no liability for disruptions in the functioning of Vestbee Platform caused by malfunction, force majeure or unauthorized interference
  8. In special cases involving the security or stability of the telecomputer system, Organizer has the right to temporarily cease or restrict the provision of electronic services without advance notice given to users of Vestbee platform. In particular, Organizer may conduct maintenance work intended to restore the security and stability of the telecomputer system. Participant shall not be entitled to any claims in conjunction with the temporary or permanent cessation of the provision of electronic services by Organizer.
  9. Organizer also has the right to cease providing electronic services at any time if a justified demand to do so is made by an internet service provider or another authorized entity. Without prejudice to the relevant legal regulations and these Terms, Organizer shall not bear liability for losses resulting from the faulty operation of a transmission system, including for equipment failures, delays and disruptions in the transfer of information.
  10. Organizer shall not bear liability for the content of webpages accessed via links placed on Vestbee platform. Organizer declares that he has no influence over the content of such webpages, nor does he undertake to verify it.
  11. Organizer reserves the right to introduce changes to the content of these Terms of Participation. Organizer shall inform of all changes to these Terms of Participation on the website www.vestbee.com .


  1. Participants cannot address other Participants, speakers, and Organizer in a manner which violates their dignity or is contrary to general principles of social coexistence.
  2. Participants are obliged to behave in a manner which does not disturb other Participants.
  3. Organizer reserves the right to remove a Participant from the Scouting Program if he/she breaks the rules of this Regulations set. In such case, no claims of his Participant are due.
  4. The Participant may cancel the Application via electronic mail sent to office@vestbee.com.
  5. Participant may request the Organizer to add another email address to the Participant’s Account via electronic mail sent to office @vestbee.com. The confirmation of adding the email address will be an electronic mail sent to the address stated in the Application. The new Participant who receives an access to the Account accepts this regulation set and undertakes to abide its rules.
  6. Participant may apply to the Challenge with more than one Company, but he/she has to use different email addresses during Registration of all the Companies.
  7. Participant confirms that the Application Form and the Company Profile has been completed with true, proper and correct information.
  8. The Organizer shall not bear liability for loss arising out of incorrect information entered into the Application Form or the Company Profile by the Participant.